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How to arrange the bedroom: TOP 3 super useful tips

Your own personal retreat, furnished with style, good taste and practical sense. This is what the perfect bedroom looks like. Our experts are at your disposal for professional advice on designing a dream bedroom.

1. Define the sleeping area

Sleep is so important to each of us that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Depending on the color of the bedroom and the design style, you can enjoy floral patterns for shabby chic decorations or you have the freedom to choose elements with a marine theme for the sleeping area, elements that will remind you of special seaside holidays.

2. Colors matter

The color palette is a priority in the arrangement of the bedroom. The “classic” category includes light shades, considered more relaxing and bright. If you are thinking of a bedroom that impresses with elegance and attitude, we recommend dark shades, such as: blue, green, purple or dark gray.

3. Personalize the space down to the smallest details

Do you want a space that tells a story? Carefully chosen decorative elements give a personalized touch to any interior. For example, curtains and drapes can dramatically change the look of a bedroom. If you dream of a larger space, it’s time to opt for decorations in light colors, made of a material that is as dense as possible. On the other hand, thick drapes are meant to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.