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This is perfect! Guide to choosing the right sofa bed

Are you looking for a sofa bed perfectly adapted to your needs? Before shopping, we recommend that you consider these few simple steps.

STYLE that catches your eye

Do you prefer classic styles whatever the circumstances? Focus on neutral colors (beige, black, gray or brown). In this way, you will match the sofa with other pieces of furniture with minimal effort. And yet, if you don’t want to accept anything except a modern and minimalist design, the colorful sofa bed with generous shapes is the most suitable choice!

USEFUL or not?

Utility is a particularly important aspect in the case of furniture pieces. Now is the right time to ask you some questions: will the sofa be used for sleeping or exclusively for relaxing during the day? Will you have many guests at your party? If so, then the sleeping surface of the sofa bed should also turn into a bed that provides maximum comfort and a restful sleep.

PLACE where it will be located

Are you looking for a sofa for the living room? Then a more sophisticated model with classic details would be appropriate. On the other hand, for the bedroom it would be appropriate to choose an upholstered model, made of textile materials.

If the space where you are going to place the sofa is quite generous, opt for an extendable model with three seats.

Otherwise, a two-seater sofa bed will look just as harmonious in this arrangement.